Payment method :

1) ATM transfer

2) E-banking (internet payment)

3) Pay at bank counter

4) Pay by Cash Deposit Machine

5) Maybank2u pay

6) Maybank qr pay

7) Boosts

8) Touch and Go E-wallet 

As the machine only accept RM10 note, if your order amount is RM43, please pay RM50 and we will return the balance of RM7 together with the item you order.

Pay to anyone of the below account numbers :-

Maybank : Fashionhomez  Online Store  506164203863

RHB  : Tung Chai Len  106085 - 00054093

CIMB Bank:  Fashionhomez Online Store 8005505912 

Public Bank:  Fashionhomez Online Store 3176708915

After payment done inform below detail by leaving message at our website / email ( WhatsApp or SMS (0127021238): 

order number:

payment amount:

which bank account:

(please advise if you pay from another bank (interbank) example AmBank to MBB, or HLB to PBB)


We can return the extra money in the parcel as request (not more than RM10).


As the money transfer to us is only purely for buying our items, we will not transfer back the money (except for item order is out of stock).







1。ATM 转帐
4。Cash Deposit 机器


 银行名称 :

Public Bank 3176708915 (Fashionhomez Online Store)               

RHB 106085-00054093 (TUNG CHAI LEN)

Maybank 506164203863 (Fashionhomez Online Store)

CIMB 506164203863 ( Fashionhomez Online store)


Hong Leong Bank - please contact us for account no.



SMS (012-7021238)或在这给我们留言。





注意:余额(不超过RM10)将会连同衣服一起寄回 谢谢^^

为免户口被盗用、滥用,汇多的款项不会被退回 (除了缺货)